MINAMI (Red wine Syrah)


A 100% Syrah from a unique vineyard called “Los Guardiola” and located 900 meters above the Sierra del Carche, in the northern part of the La Raja Valley. The plot, planted in 1980, trellised and facing north, has about 9,000 strains of which we obtain a kilo per strain of yield due to green pruning and low yield per plant. Stony and clayey soil, with a large terroir structure.


The concept of MINAMI was born in 2010 with the search for high expression vineyards in La Raja Valley. The selection of the vineyard and its care starts in 2014. It was not until 2016 when the vintage offers unbeatable conditions, pushing us to elaborate the first vintage.

Harvest: Third week of September, for optimal stretches of maturation, for four days. Manual harvest in boxes of 12 kgs, with a first selection in the field and a second one by bunch and third by grain in the cellar.

Elaboration: When arrival at the winery the grapes were drained for the production of a few liters of rosé and greater concentration. Conduction of the grains of grapes by gravity to the deposit for a fermentation at 29o for 10 days following a maceration for a month with skins and seeds.

Aging: In November part of the wine goes into new French oak barrels of 240 liters for 24 months and another part goes to clay amphorae of 800 liters. After this aging, in November 2018, all the wine was assembled, resting during the winter and being bottled on March 11th, 2019, just before the spring, date from which it has been refined in bottle in the cellar of the winery until its perfection.


Garnacha Negra




5,9 g/L




1,4 g/L