Once summer is gone, you eagerly await for harvest time and finally here it is! The moment where everything begins, year after year, the moment where you can feel the tension and feel the soul of the wine world. We want you to participate in this experience, we want to introduce you to the main actors of all of this, how harvest smells, how it sounds, how we achieve our goals, and what natural conditions are responsible for the perfect maturation of the grapes so they can be. Hand picked through the hard work of our team. Hand by hand. Box by box.

Ruta del Vino de Jumilla


Grapes are perfect in the vineyards. Our task is to take care of them and do not damage them, so we pay attention to carry them from the vineyards very precisely till they enter into the winery. Discover by yourself how we carry the grapes in our reefer truck to avoid oxidation, discover how we make the selection process and how we transport the grapes by gravity till every single grape get into the deposit. Taste with us the first juice of the just pressed grapes, the ones than in a close future, with the magic alcoholic fermentation, will transforms into our most precious wine.


Get ready for a delicious vintage brunch where we pair our wines with the magnificent cuisine of our Chef, Mari Carmen. A journey through flavors, through textures, through memories, through the terroirs till you conquer the perfect Monastrell. All of this paired with the extraordinary Mediterranean gastronomy that will seduce your senses and will make you fall in love with the richness of wine and the cuisine of our land.


Wine Tour begins at 9:00 am. Wine Tour finishes at 14:00


CASA ROJO BODEGA Y VIÑEDOS. Carretera de La Zarza, km 8. La Raja. 30520, Jumilla. Phone: 968 15 15 20